Hotel Gasthof Stern:
Tradition and pleasure on a plate

The Hotel Gasthof Stern does not bear the “Gasthof” (“inn”) in its name as some kind of reminiscence. Rather, it is an indicator of the fact that it is not just hotel guests that are well looked after and cared for here, but also day guests looking to enjoy a kitchen with an excellent reputation.

But that was always the case. As a village inn, Hotel Gasthof Stern played a pivotal role in the life of the Deutschnofen locals. After all, all the milestones of a lifetime have been celebrated here: baptisms, first communions, weddings, wedding anniversaries, big birthdays and, for some, also the wake. Little has changed to this day. People still always stop by – and not only for special occasions.

Committed to the South Tyrolean cuisine

As befits a traditional inn, it is predominantly specialities from South Tyrolean cuisine that are on the menu. This didn’t just stand still at the time of the Kaiser though, but also picked up on numerous influences from the south, with the result that, today, South Tyrolean cuisine is a unique combination of old Austrian, Alpine and Mediterranean flavours and dishes.

And because people feel committed to tradition in the restaurant of the Gasthof Stern, the ingredients used for cooking are fresh, seasonal and as regional as possible. And not only during those particular weeks when the specialties are in season, as come every so often throughout the year – for example, when game and produce of the forest come to the forefront of culinary attention.

Our Tipp

One thing’s for sure: wine is a must at every good meal. That is why junior partner Paul’s nose and palate are in demand. As a sommelier, he has filled the cellar of his Gasthof Stern with a hand-picked selection of South Tyrolean and Italian wines, and is available to provide his guests with expert advice when it comes to choosing the right wine. But what you can at any rate be sure of: only wines with character make it into the basement of an establishment with character.

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Fancy the parlour or would you prefer it on the terrace?

When it comes to eating in the Hotel Gasthof Stern, or better put, enjoying food and wine, this can be done in one of the two parlours, and, in summer, also on the terrace, from which you can enjoy a glorious view of the village and landscape. Pleasure times three, so to speak.

Speaking of three: there are three ways to enjoy the cuisine of the Hotel Gasthof Stern. The first is to take lodgings at the establishment and choose half board. Then, in the evening, you can enjoy an extraordinary menu with South Tyrolean delicacies and Mediterranean classics. Option number two also relates to staying guests. If you have opted for a room with breakfast, you can of course still take advantage of the establishment’s culinary offering. The third option is for external day guests, who can simply drop by or reserve a table by phone in order to make use of the restaurant at the Gasthof Stern. For an absolutely first-class taste experience.

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